Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something Competely Different!

You've got to love those Brits - always a little quirky & different! The Landmark Trust rescues historic and architecturally interesting buildings and their surroundings from neglect and when restored, gives them new life by letting them out as accommodation venues. The letting income generated from bookings then pays for the future maintenance of the buildings. Makes perfect sense!

While not exactly 6 star luxury, they offer a really interesting alternate in British accommodation at very affordable prices. I'd just love to be able to send the kids a postcard reading ' Well here we are enjoying our stay at The Pigsty!'. What about.....

Swarkestone Pavilion

Ingestre Pavilion

Alton Station

Clavell Tower

Culloden Tower

Appleton Water Tower

The Music Room

Brinkburn Mill

Silverton Park Stables

Beckford Folly

The Library

Goddards Country House

Abbey Gatehouse

The Pigsty

The Chateau

The Pineapple

Queen Anne's Summer House

The Bath House

The Ruin

Pond Cottage

The Beamsley Hospital Almshouse

The House of Correction

All images: The Landmark Trust


  1. Amazing buildings, Millie! How grand it would be to stay in one for a weekend. They remind me of castles and there is nothing quite like a castle--alghough not that I know much about castles :)

  2. Divine. I would love to live in a tower. Or a folly. Or that Queen Anne's one looks perfect. Need to rug up though I expect there is no central heating. Or proper cooking facilities !!!

  3. These are fascinating Millie. What an amazing collection of buildings and an insight into English history. Coincidentally, we also have access to a pigsty, although, technically it's my son's bedroom and I like their version much better. I think you should stay at a Mill House, then you could call it Millie & Moth's Mill House. Meredy xo.
    p.s. how's your poor foot?

  4. Oh these are just fantastic, I'd love to stay in any of them.

    Oh loved Meredy's version of a pigsty.

  5. Very cool buildings, being a queenslander my fave has to be the pineapple.

  6. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! I so desire to travel to England (and Paris) someday. Dreaming, yes, but hey! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I've always loved the Pineapple House - amazing photos!

  8. Beau reportage
    je m'installe au château!!


  9. Love those buildings! I am quite taken with the mill. But would love to stay in any one of them!

  10. Hi Millie - Love these - especially the pineapple! (Shall have to seek it out and go and have a look). One of the things that attracted us when we used to come over from Oz and spend time in England was the 'quirkiness' and history of the buildings, towns & we have moved here and are so enjoying having all this on our doorstep..we are living in a mill house built in about 1704 - and we're lucky enough to have lots of National Trust properties nearby.
    Just going out for a morning walk along the canal is a visual delight, passing ancient barns and houses along the way...Living in this environment has prompted me to start a blog for the first time - would love you to come and visit sometime! Warm wishes, Susie x

  11. Absolutely stunning Millie, I love all of them! The Pineapple is quite hilarious :)

    Hope your foot is not too uncomfortable,

    Simone :)

  12. Millie, all are fabulous! I am not a fussy person any one of them will do.....

    Leeann x

  13. OH, I have always liked looking at old building like these...thanks for sharing!

  14. How divine are all these lovely old buildings, amazing what you find out! the Pond House is my fav.

  15. Fabulous! I adore The Chateau. I would imagine the quarters to be... a bit rough, but memorable for sure. That Pineapple House is wonderful. I can always count on you for a smile Millie~

  16. millie,

    great post.
    i would love to turn 'the mill house' into my own house.

    i would wish you a happy thanksgiving but alas....they don't have thanksgiving over there. right?

    i will send hugs to you anyway.

  17. Hello my dear hope you are surviving the leg!

    I love the trust, stayed in the Egyptian house in Cornwall a couple of Easters ago, loved it. I have to say to hanker after a stay in the Pineapple, how great is that :)

  18. Love all the masonry, esp the Dunmore pineapple. The history of the artificial heating system installed just so that the fashionable owners could be seen serving pineapples is mind boggling. Dx

  19. The Pineapple wouldn't be much of a getaway for the Sunshine Coaster's though!!! Ha - just finished reading the other comments and I see some of us agree... I like the ruin myself. ;-)

  20. Quirky and different....that's us Mills. I love follys and unusual buildings. I've seen many of the ones that you have shown and The Pineapple is my favourite.
    My whole family are thinking of renting one, in the future, for Christmas. Lets hope that we do, one day. XXXX

  21. Ooooo, I want to stay at the Pineapple. How funny.


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