Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plastered with George!

Thank you for all your sweet messages - I had a very early start this morning due to an urgent need for analgesia. With MOTH still snoring in dreamland, I sat in the dark feeling miserable & sorry for myself for a bit, & then hopped upstairs to seek solace in Blogland. I was instantly buoyed by your kind words - gee you are a great mob, you banished the blues in a nanosecond!

Thinking about how I'm going to maintain some style & pizazz about myself dragging this cast around for the next 6 weeks, I googled 'Broken Foot'. And to start my day off perfectly, look who popped up - the gorgeous one himself. But of even more interest was the fact that the stunning girl in the pic still managed to have a stiletto on the unaffected foot. I can't tell you how this has lifted my spirits, so right after the plaster deed is done on Friday, I'm heading home to pull out the perilously high party shoes (right shoe only) & start practicing my red carpet walk! No clunky old cast is going to stop me from hitting the party scene this Festive Season looking at least a little bit glam!
Image: Variety


  1. So sorry to hear of your accident, it's sounds very painful - damn exercise will lead to no good!

    Take care

  2. Hi Millie,

    You will look glamorous, with style and pizazz when you step out to all the Christmas parties.... and if George's girl can do it with the stiletto, you can too!


  3. You know Mille, I don't think that girl in the photo with the swoony George has any damage to her foot. She can't walk in her heels so goes for the easy option! You could go out and buy ridiculously high heels and get away with it.

    Hope you are feeling better about yourself and your dilemma soon. Breath.....

  4. Hi Millie, So sorry to hear about your poor foot. I'm assuming MOTH is waiting on you hand, foot and finger....feeding you peeled grapes and giving you lots of back rubs. I think you should invest in a little bell that you can keep next to you at all times to beckon him at will. Just imagine all the hilarious signatures you will get on your plaster during the silly season! Hope the pain subsides soon and you can step out in style for Chrissie. Meredy xo.

  5. Millie!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I just read about your accident....poor you....ouch!!!!

    I am sure that once the plaster goes on, you will be out and looking way more glamorous and gorgeous than Mr Clooney's ex ever did....what DID he see in her anyway, while we're on the subject? ;)

    I do hope MOTH is taking good care of you xoxo

  6. Oh darn I've been overwhelmed by blogs and haven't been reading them all. I just saw this and I'm so sorry I missed your broken foot. I hope it's healing well.

  7. Sorry to hear of your accident. I hope you recovery is swift! And hey...maybe George will drop by and lend you a hand!! :P

  8. Good for you Millie!!!!!!! That's the spirit!!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better about yourself. If George's girl can do it, so can you. Have a great day
    Take Care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  9. You go girl! Defiant to the end! lol. I'm sure you can look just as elegant as George's girl.
    Sorry I missed a couple of your posts Millie, and so hadn't noticed that you were paining. Poor you.
    Have just caught up with the posts I missed, I love the way you have with words. Such a hoot sometimes! :^)

  10. what cute toes you have!!
    Love the orange nails.

    For the party season perhaps a little elegant bling attached to the cast might be in order. Or even a selection, so you can choose for each event esp the wedding. ...(maybe clip on earrings -use one or two- might be a way...
    and please be careful coming down one footed from Blogland.
    ...and remember it will mend.

    Jane of Janezworld
    (in case the system doesn't like me again)

  11. So sorry about your all unfortunate things it will pass....sooner than you think!!

  12. Oh Mills....chin up...glad that we pulled you out of the doldrums and good old George obviously helped.
    I think that you are going to be the 'star of the show' wherever you go. Just be careful with that one stiletto look. We don't want you falling over and breaking the other one !! Lots of love. XXXX

  13. That's the spirit, if she can pull it off, so can you.

    Start practising and you'll be gliding in no time.

    Hope MOTH is being a dutiful husband and attending to your needs or wants!

  14. The stiletto sounds like a great idea - milk it for all its worth. Hope you are on the mend soon mon ami.

  15. You are in excellent company Millie....if nothing else. So sorry about your foot and I hope you manage beautifully in your stiletto, xv.

  16. I'm worried about the one stiletto thing too. Now I know one uggboot wouldn't be good, but maybe just err on the side of caution with a dainty wee flat! I'm sure that girl is only happy because George is helping her along, and who wouldn't be happy with George helping her along.

  17. I think the opportunity to go anywhere with George Cloony helping you along would get anybody up and running! Glad that this little accident isn't going to keep you down!

  18. I missed your post yesterday and knowing you (from blogland) ... I'm sure you'll still be the belle of the ball/party/wedding in anything you wear ... including a cast!!

    You go girl ... with the stilleto!!
    Take care.


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