Tuesday, July 21, 2009

300 Games!

Well who would have thought it - 300 posts!

According to my Coach MOTH, 300 posts is just like 300 footy games, which by his reckoning really puts me near the end of my blogging career & living on borrowed time! As it stands, I got to my 300th fairly quickly because of an almost injury-free run & no Referee reports (although a few of you may have quietly given me the occasional red or yellow card!). There's been the occasional biffo/melee incident with the odd snarky anonymous comment, but the Reject Comment button has resolved that nicely thank you.

There's been the odd fall-out or 3 with the Coach, but they've mostly happened 'behind the play'. I've also fielded offers from opposition clubs (Typepad & Wordpress most notably), but since there was no money attached, I've stayed loyal to my original club Blogger.

And we won't even discuss the scandal on the 2008 End-Of-Season Players trip. I could go on......media offers, dodgy sponsorship deals (from Banner Ads. wanting me to promote all manner of 'performance' enhancing gadgets). For the sake of decorum after consulting the Coach, I did decline all these offers.

So as I run through the 300th game banner today, provided by The Hedge's very loyal Cheer Squad, it weighs heavily on my shoulders that you may have to endure another 300 rough & ready posts, the occasional great win & a few monumental losses!

The 2 comments on my very first post came from 2 gorgeous girls, the wickedly wonderful Heidi from HeidiClaire & the sensationally stylish Anne-Marie from The House That A-M Built. Amazingly, they are still around here at The Hedge, leaving the most fabulous & supportive comments. A huge thank you to you both - I cherish the bond of blogging friendship we have built over the past 300 posts. And of course, to all Hedgies (lovely readers of The Laurel Hedge!), whether you've supported me from Day 1 or are new to The Hedge, thank you for keeping me on my toes, for your warm & supportive comments & your own lovely blogs.

Two Dogs & A Garden

So to celebrate this milestone please join in my Giveaway. The newly-released Two Dogs & A Garden is a sumptous book filled with passion, beauty & truly gorgeous photographs. It is the story about an extraordinary & unique property on the Central coast hinterlands of New South Wales & the trials & tribulations experienced by those living there - Professor Bob Cherry, his wife Dr. Derelie Cherry & their dogs, Jessee & Trudy. Everyone who leaves a comment on the 300 Games! post will be included in the draw for this delightful book. The winner will be drawn fairly & randomly on Sunday July 26th & announced here @ The Hedge on Monday July 27th 2009. Your prize will be gift-wrapped & posted/shipped to your home address & readers anywhere are warmly invited to participate. Good Luck!


  1. Wow, congratulations Millie, 300 post....woo hoo!!!!!

    I am a big fan of your blog, albeit a pretty new arrival here....love your writing and your humour too.....and yes, must mention MOTH....who can forget his recent Guest Post and his suggestion that the lovely Thom Felicia was on the reserve bench of an Aussie footie team, that still makes me giggle ;)

    Here's to the next 300 xoxo

  2. Dearest Millie, a big congratulations to you on your 300th post. Quite an achievement! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about life at the Hedge and I'm really looking forward to reading another 300 posts. Lee xx

  3. Big congrats Millie on your 300th!!! I've only just passed my quarter century so have a looooooong way to go to catch you. ;)
    A very well worded and amusing post for today.

  4. Congratulations Millie. You've done a good job. I can't wait to read the next 300.

  5. Congratulations Millie! I adore your blog, and your sense of humour and style. Your family cracks me up. I'll be reading each one of the next 300! Meredith xo.

  6. Congratulations on yor 300 Millie! I am sorry your cheer squad has not finalised a 30 ft banner for you to run through, but rest assured that your efforts on the "field" do not go un-appreciated! Your stylish images, sharp wit and great sense of fun have us coming back for more time and again!

  7. millie, congratulations on 300 posts! you're my go-to source for laughs. glad to be a hedgie! here's to 300 more. pam

  8. 300 huh? you dont look a day over 21...
    I considered a gift: 300 Porsche's but thats a tad insensitive for These Times...300 diamonds? ditto
    300 hugs? Hmm I am off to have 'The Test' (which I hope to fail but am not optimistic) so p'has not
    I have settled on 300 best wishes
    and 300 more posts to look forward to - I guess that bits for me.
    Jane of Janezworld

  9. I do love a giveaway Millie so please count me in.
    300 posts is an enormous achievement so I congratulate you warmly. The Laurel Hedge always makes me smile, so frequently makes me chuckle and at times has had me laughing all day long. My vote for your best post would go to 'The Russian Bride' and I am still giggling about that as I type. To provoke laughter is a special and talented gift Millie and I thank you for that. Bravo to you all the way, xv.

  10. Congratulations on your 300th...as a fairly newcomer to the Hedge I have become a Follower...Enjoying the Journey with You...
    what a Gorgeous Book..such a Generous Giveaway...

  11. OverthehillbutgreatviewJuly 21, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Congratulations Millie on 300 posts. As a new arrival to "blogland" am living in a vortex of blog, only 239 of yours to go. Love your style it always raises a smile. xD

  12. Give that girl an orange quarter .. or is that for netball!! Okay, make your way to the changeroom for a bit of backslapping, then down to the pub!

    Congrat's Millie, and to your coach for providing us with some champagne football(albeit it, I'm a rookie here).

    Here's to 300 more.

  13. Hey there Mills ...Congrats on being able to produce 300 posts...that is a mean feat.....I'm only on 26 and I feel a nervous wreck already, so goodness knows how you get to 300. I am obviously new to this and could have landed on so many blogs but I'm so glad and honoured to have found you. You make me laugh so loud...you have a great gift and it has been a pleasure to read your posts everyday and I look forward to a long and continued friendship. Lots of Love. XXX

  14. Congratulations Millie for 300 posts.
    What a great achievement!
    I love visiting your blog and you always have such delightful posts to share with us, that make me smile and laugh.

    Looking forward to the next 300!

    Best wishes

  15. Well done and congrats Millie. Always a pleasure checking in on Laurel Hedge. You know how to put a smile on my face quite often. We look forward to the next 300.
    Hayley & Trace x

  16. Happy 300th Post Millie!!

  17. Millie.... Congratulations! We want 300 more. Enjoy your blog so much. Julie in Holland...

  18. Darling Millie

    Well done on reaching 300, you don't look it at all ;) But seriously what a great feeling of satisfication you must have, 300 quality posts and still going strong. Here's too many more!!!

    P.S - don't include me in the giveaway, let that go to some other lucky soul, I just wanted to say congrats :) x

  19. Congratulations Millie! I'm so new to this blogging thing & am so pleased to have you for inspiration. How you do it, I have no idea, but your blog always makes me smile, & I look forward to it each day. Thanks!!
    Amanda xx

  20. Congratulations Millie and MOTH
    You don't look that old to have played 300 games! I'm just 114 behind you.
    Keep up the good work, it's nice to have a fellow South Australian adding some class and dignity to the blogging world.
    (And MOTH you have great legs - I remember the photos.....lol)

  21. Oh Millie, I remember your first post! You are a treasure, a delight, a shining star in bloggy blog land. I visit you every day and so enjoy your delightful, witty banter. Congratulations sweet thing! A-M xx

  22. Congratulations Millie - you are such a wonderful and witty writer and I love my daily visit to your blog - look forward to following the next 300 with you. Love Leanne

  23. Dear Millie. Since I first found your blog I do try to never miss a post. I was one of your lurkers until I finally decided to blog myself and come over and say howdy! And I am so glad I did. You not only have a fabulous 'blog', with witty, wonderful and humorous posts, you are also one fabulous 'blogger' and should win the 'Best and Fairest' award for mentoring and encouraging us beginners. I look forward to many more 300ths. x Julie

  24. Bring on the next 300! It is always a pleasure to visit The Hedge and you have made me laugh, cry and gasp in awe. With all those gorgeous men of yours and their escapades, and your innate good taste in interiors, expensive hotels and beautiful things, I'm sure you will not run out of things to post on for many, many moons.
    Lots of love
    Clare x

  25. Millie,

    Gosh, I am glad your Grandmother won out and you are a Millie and not Marjorie...... I do have an Aunt Marge, who was named Marjorie but Millie is so much better. Our daughter is MJM and her hubby is MJM. After their wedding ceremony there was a big bowl of M&M's for everyone as they were now M & M.

    Congratulations on 300 and going for 3000!!!

    I make baskets, sometimes, when I reach 300 I will give one away.

    Do you have M&M's in AU? I know you have addicting Tim Tams!!!

  26. Congratulations Miss Millie!! 300 posts- wow! You (and MOTH too;) have done a wonderful job of keeping us "hedgies" entertained! I love being a Hedgie btw! I always enjoy my visit here, and am so happy to call you a friend!

  27. Hi Millie,
    Just wanted to send my heartfelt congratulations to you in reaching your 300th "Games". Really enjoyed your angle on the story today. Very well written. Thanks ever so much for leaving a comment after mine the other day, I was really excited and humbled...I will let you know if I ever start a blog for myself...thanks for the offer. Glad to hear that your health is getting back on track, without that life can be a bit of a struggle.
    Take Care

    Love Janine
    N.W. Coast of Tassie

  28. Congratulations Millie, to a novice blogger like me you are inspirational. Love your sense of humour,and your outlook on life in general is fabulous. You always give my day a lift. xx

  29. Good Morning Millie...Wow, 300 Posts...Congratulations from part of your Cheer Squad, a great achievement!!! I love to visit and see what The Laurel Hedge has been up to...and at times calling in my DH to have a chuckle!!!
    Please count me in your wonderful Giveaway...Dzintra♥x

  30. Congratulations Millie - what an achievement!!! So glad I found you in blogland. Love your writing and your wit. You're in my favourites so I never miss a thing!!

  31. First, Congrats! A big accomplishment. Secondly, what a great giveaway!! Love it.


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