Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Heart

Cate from ella and baba recently tagged me to play along with My Heart, thank you so much it's always fun to play! In her very chic & stylish way, her post was VERY creative! Sorry Cate, but mine will be NOWHERE as wonderful as yours, but here goes anyway. All I have to do is post a photo that best represents my heart. Yeah right, so I thought this would be easy-peasy -WRONG!

Of course I'll post on my all beautiful boys I thought & how they make my heart sing every time I think of them.

Or the gorgeous MOTH who keeps me on my toes constantly with all his 'adventures' & who I couldn't bear to live a second without.

Or my beloved parents who gave me more love than I could ever have dreamt possible.

Or my job which excites & fulfils me every single moment I do it.

But my mind kept constantly returning to this one photo, so this is My Heart because:

I'd just been given the role of Alice in the end-of-year school play of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I was always the quiet, shy little girl who struggled to fit in, finding the world outside my gentle, loving & protective home difficult to settle into. Mercilessly teased because I always had my nose inside a book. Not interested in playing silly schoolyard games with the other girls. Not excelling academically, just plodding along in the middle of the group. Lacking confidence & self-assurance in every way.

Then something wonderful happened. Surprisingly, the role of Alice was given to me, the most reserved little girl in class. We weren't a wealthy family - so I wore my blue & white check Summer school uniform as a dress with a tulle petticoat underneath to give it 'Alice' volume & Mum lovingly hand-made my pretty white frilled pinafore & blue satin headband. And as cliched as it is, it was like the bright colourful butterfly emerging from it's dull cocoon. This quiet little 7 year old suddenly found her wings & flew. Playing Alice gave her the confidence to sit comfortably with the world, to leave home eagerly & excitedly every day, to walk up to the girls in the playground & join in their games & to get A's instead of C's.

To this day, Alice is with me in all that I do. She encourages me to grasp hold of every unique opportunity that comes my way, to make the right decisions & move on without regret from the wrong ones, to love deeply & passionately & to always uphold my core values. To encourage others, to continually seek knowledge & learning, to laugh often & to show true compassion & act on it.

So Alice is My Heart & will be forever.

What does your Heart photo look like -

Christina @ Rustic Tarts.


  1. Oh my goodness.....what a wonderful story....why haven't I got a lovely story like that and so beautifully told....you write so well.You have summed up YOUR heart soooo well. Can't wait to read the others. XXXX

  2. Millie, that's the most lovely story! Inspirational as always you are. Thanks for sharing something so personal.
    Amanda xx

  3. What a moving story. I wonder if the teacher that gave you the role of Alice had any idea how much it would change your life?
    Clare x

  4. What a moving story. It's amazing the power of trust, encouragement and thoughtfulness, and what it can do for one. Fantastic teacher! Beautiful photo!

  5. thank you so much for this special (alice) part of yourself that you shared with us.
    this IS why i read your blog!!

  6. Oh what a beautiful story Millie and that is such a gorgeous photo.
    I love it that Alice played such a big part in making you the lovely person that you are!
    You are an Inspirational and lovely person.

    thanks for choosing me and I will have to give this some thought.

    Enjoy your week

  7. Millie,
    What a beautiful post. Your heart is lovely! And what a beautiful little girl you were!
    Cheers to Alice, and cheers to your heart! j.

  8. a lovely allegory of a young girl finding her way to a lovely woam, quite touching..

  9. Millie, what a lovely, inspiring story. How incredible to have captured that moment on film for all time. Thank you for sharing something so intimate. Meredith xo.

  10. Millie, you sweet darling. Your heart is so full of love. Such a beautiful, beautiful story. A-M xx

  11. Oh Millie.. What a beautiful, beautiful story. So courageous that little girl to choose to shine, and still courageous that grown woman to share her secrets! I think we all benefit from Alice with every post and every comment you gift us! x Julie

  12. Millie your posts are always so wonderful and so creative - my thinking cap is on about what I will post and as you say not as easy as you think! You are a tough act to follow. Leanne xxxx

  13. What a lovely and inspiring story Millie! Thank you for sharing

    xx Caroline

  14. Millie- What a delightful story. You never disappoint. You are as sweet as they come and full of inspiration.

  15. Millie, thanks for the opportunity to play as well. Your story is such a positive and lovely one.
    I will have to think hard about this one...stay tuned....

  16. Millie

    I will play but I have to think on this.

    I know my story will not be nearly as lovely as yours. Give me a day or two as I am off to help my Mom this morning.

  17. Oh, by the way Millie....did I tell you that I'm off to the Amalfi coast in a couple of weeks....he he....na na na na na..
    Don't forget, it's only a couple of hours from England...Julie keeps telling me off for posting about Europe....Every blog that I comment on, I mention my holiday , sorry but I get excited when I go away..will look out for your plumber. He'll be the one sitting with my electrician and roofer !!!!

  18. Lovely heart squeezing look into your life as a child and such a beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing Millie.

  19. Thank you Millie. Thank you so much xx

  20. That was beautiful, as is that photo. You are such a beautiful woman Millie!

  21. Beautifully told MIllie. How wonderful to hold Alice within...xv

  22. This is a lovely story, I was a very shy wee girl at school,so can relate to this story which you've told so well, as usual. You've now put out the challenge to me, so I am working on it. big hugs, xx

  23. I love seeing the "Alice" in you shine thru - you are always an inspiration Millie...Thank you...Ax

  24. Oh Millie,
    That is such a beautiful story.
    Its so nice to know more about you.
    Big hugs!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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