Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Allo Mother!

Click to enlarge for an awesome sight!

'Allo Mother,
Hope all is well in the big smoke. Sorry haven't called you this week - been busy busy as usual. Thought you might appreciate a pic of yesterday mornings sunrise - it sure was a sight to behold! Oh well, will be on that big silver bird in the sky soon! Anyways, will catch you when I get back.
Love Son # 4 xxx

(Sent from the most remote exploration site in Outback Australia where he works & also where he plots & schemes to ensure MOTH never wins the Perpetual Family Joke Trophy!)


  1. Hi Millie,

    What a beautiful sunrise ~ there is something so nice being up bright and early and ready for the day.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your


  2. Oh WOW Mills...sensational photograph of a beautiful sunrise....and what a lovely son to do that...shows an artistic side...Is he married or got a girlfriend ?.... my daughters available !!!! a few too many miles between us , unfortunately....a son to be proud of methinks. XXXX

  3. I have just returned from outback Australia, having driven from Lake Eyre and along the Strezleki Track back home to the gold coast. There were huge gas operations near Innaminca. Im curious if this pic was taken anywhere near there?

  4. Bee - ooot - iful sunrise!!! Just lovely!

  5. Aren't you lucky MIllie to receive such a long, lengthy and newsworthy note from your darling son....Mine communicates in two words or if pressed four. 'I'm ok' and 'fine' being his brilliant phrases of choice! xv

  6. Hi Millie, what a beautiful sunrise and what a beautiful message from your son. Lee :)

  7. Gorgeous sunrise! Son #4 sounds darling. You are blessed.

  8. Beautiful picture and a sweet son to send you that little note. :) Have a wonderful weekend Millie!

  9. Ooohhh Millie this photo is wonderful!!!! Tank you for sharing!
    Have a nice day.
    Big hugs

  10. How sweet and what a gorgeous, gorgeous sunrise. And a Happy Belated 300th post to you. Wow, 300. Congratulations!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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