Thursday, July 30, 2009

That 70's House

This family home built on a high ridge overlooking Lake Michigan near Chicago, has had 2 major transformations over its 31 years. Originally built in 1978, it had an addition in the 1990s and another renovation/addition in 2007. The original design was straight forward, a simple L-shape with bedrooms on the lower level and main living spaces on the upper level, with great views of the lake on three sides. An L-shaped wall which was added in 1993, created a private exterior courtyard overlooking the heavily-treed garden.

The 2007 work included a new master suite with dressing room and larger bathroom and a family room was also added. When first built in 1978 it was given a Distinguished Building Award by the American Institute of Architects Chicago for its outstanding design & aesthetics.

As I have often said here at The Hedge, for those of us trying to breathe new life into a 70's house, despite much research, inspiration & imagery is very thin on the ground. This lovely house reminds me so much of our 1973 'beauty' - sitting high up on the land, surrounded by woodland and huge old trees, with large expanses of glass allowing the light to flood in. While I know many of you won't be particularly drawn to this era of architecture or even this house, I wanted to post it, as to me struggling with the challenges of this architectural style, its pure joy. In a perfect world, when we found our amazing site, it would have come complete with a gorgeous little Edwardian cottage, but it didn't. So we just have had to play the cards we were dealt in a positive & enthusiastic manner. The images of this home stopped me in my tracks, and its wonderful to see that it has reinvented itself to move gracefully into the 00's, stylish & confident in its ability to see out another 30 years quite happily.

Images: Booth Hansen


  1. What a cool house! I love the idea of living in a house with windows all around...just as long as no one is around to see inside! Great pictures!

  2. i'm sure i'd appreciate this house when i'm enduring cooler temperatures. right now, i've spent the last 2 days closing every blind, drawing every drape and covering every ray of sunlight coming in as we're in the midst of a heat wave and have no central air conditioning. the thought of all this glass is too much to bear right now. but it is beautiful! pam

  3. It has a real cozy feel in its own right , the way the trees play in the backgroud through the windows. Half my brain loves this type of architcheure and Danish design, Frankl LLoyd Wright, my other half vintage,cottagey , nostalgic. Thanks for posting I enjoyed these pictures. Julie in Holland...

  4. I could definitely live with the huge windows, beautiful views and clean lines. It's like a blank slate that could go any direction you want it to. I'd have to spend some serious spa time in that bathroom!

  5. I don't think I'd like living in a house with so many windows. I would like looking out, but just wouldn't be comfortable with the idea of people being able to look inside so freely. It would cost a fortune for curtains!

  6. Loving this place Millie, its got design classic written all over it. The last picture is definitely channeling Mies van de Rohe - fabulous!

  7. I think this home holds much appeal. I love the clean, easy lines and all of that light! I'm pretty sure there would be a cooling system for this home and hopefully a cleaning service to tend to those windows... With your taste and MOTH's talent-your home will be smashing when completed!

  8. i love it . i want it. i love the FEEL of it.
    it reminds ma of the famous 'farnsworth house.'


    thank you for your support and kind words.
    it got me through.

  9. Wow. This is about as nice as houses get around here. I have yet to find anything to equal it in good looks. I and my wife of 54 years, Patty, would love a house high up with a large window that overlooks a valley or a creek or something besides a soy bean field. And we don't even have that. We are not high up either. LOL

    Actually, Millie, I wasn't drunk. The picture looks like I was though. I admit that.

    I was standing behind the screen door, trying to smile and probably talk at the same time and my daughter snapped the picture -- actually two -- and this one was caught with my eyes closing. So it looks like I am awash in spirits. LOL

    Thanks for the visit and comments. It is always nice to see your name on any of my blogs.

  10. I'm actually loving this...I am always a sucker for lots and lots of glass...and trees.

  11. It's wonderful. A sense of clean balance that's so comforting and appealing to me. Now, what is that saying about throwing stones?

  12. I love all of the glass on this house. I am not a modern kind of gal but it is the view of nature while living inside that I am so in love with. I found this 70's pad on

    It has loads of potential inside but outside, I am having a hard time visualizing it. The price is also giving me some shock, it must be in a fantastic neighborhood? Heidi

  13. What a great house! I'm much more traditional, but I could so see this as a vacation house! Such good energy!


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