Monday, July 20, 2009

A Seamless Transition?

Absolutely not! But I'm so impressed with the way in which a new wing has been linked to the original building, a pretty mid-Victorian cottage complete with eye-lash verandah in the gorgeous suburb of South Yarra in Melbourne. It's bold, modern & light-filled, & yet sits so comfortably with the main house. The land obviously slopes down at the rear, so the Architect was able to play with the different levels, incorporating a lap pool & interesting decks & entertaining levels as well as the new 2-storey addition with home theatre & gym. Bordered by the meandering Yarra River, in walking distance to the fabulous shopping precincts of Chapel St. & Toorak Rd. & a few minutes from the CBD, South Yarra has always been high on my list of Melbourne favourites.

Garden by Andrew Renn

Images: R.T. Edgar


  1. What a cute little house, I love the veranda overlooking the garden!

  2. Hi Millie,

    I prefer the Victorian part of the house.
    Love the deck with the table and chairs overlooking the garden.

    Have a great week

  3. Having designed and built the garden for the owners, its nice to see it maturing as I thought it would. Andrew Renn
    Andrew Renn Design
    03 98199499

  4. Hi Millie
    Hope you are fully recovered . Thanks for the images
    Kind Regards

  5. What a gorgeous house....I have a Victorian house and love all of the original features but I so love the modern additions that this house has.....and I love verandas...something that we rarely see on a house , here in the U.K....I suppose our weather and style of living doesn't lend itself to verandas but I wish it did....I would like nothing better than to sit on a rocking chair ,with a glass of something nice, pondering the day , knowing that I had that wonderful house to go back into....that's the trouble with blogs....they make me want a different style of house everyday...thanks for sharing such a fabulous house , Mills ( I'm calling you that as I like the way you call me Jac !!!) and I'm so sorry that I have written another great long comment...I can't help it!!!. XXXX

  6. Oh wow, beautifully the floors too :)

  7. What a beautiful house. It's so fresh and open looking!

  8. Very clever design which lets in so much light. I love the way the garden designer found this post - what a small world it is!
    Clare x

  9. A very groovy transition MIllie, xv.

  10. Fabulous - love all those different levels. And Andrew, the garden is great!

  11. There is a lot to like about this house. I do like the victorian era homes and love the verandah. Actually it has just about everything i would want, including the lap pool!! Just need a sea view and I can move right in. Thanks again for your kind comments. I will be telling my brother who's comment was... 'oh... it's not very sharp!' [family!]

  12. Perfect! A smooth transition from one room to the next.

  13. What an interesting combo... not something I would personally want to live with, but I appreciate it's beauty for others!

  14. i'd never leave! except to sit on the porch after i swam laps. how beautiful. pam

  15. Well, with a deep pocket and living in South Yarra? I love to.

    Old style (Victorian) meet the cyber style. What a cool transition!

    Hope you had a wonderful w/end and have a blissful week ahead.


  16. I lived in South Yarra in the 70's. It was a wonderful row house on Cunningham Street. Everything about that house and that neighborhood has stayed with me for 35 years. It was very special.


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