Friday, July 10, 2009

Dust Evader

MOTH informed me last night that he would be getting the 'Big Daddy' concrete sander into the Bathroom From Hell this weekend to sand of all the 'dags' left over from the pour. He'll need to do this prior to screeding the floor to get a really even surface before tiling. Well, experience tells me that there will be one all-pervading theme here this weekend - CLOUDS OF THICK CHOKING CONRETE DUST!!!

So there's nothing for it but to evade the dust completely with a little weekend away, pack up Louis V. & as I've had a longing for Venice lately, I reckon that's exactly where I'll be heading! And as time is of the essence I've had to call for the private jet to whisk me away!

Firstly I'll grab a water taxi to my apartment in San Marco,the Giustinian. Just a few steps from the Accademia Bridge and the Palazzo Franchetti gardens, this exquisite first floor apartment has views onto the Grand Canal, & is so cute & comfortable.

With the terrace doors wide open, the sounds of the busy Venice street life come & welcome me warmly.

The comfortable little sitting room invites me to sit for awhile & just chill.

Such pretty antiques pieces are scattered throughout the apartment.

And the dining room beckons me to sit for a moment at the table & plan my day.

Such a spacious & elegant bedroom that I know will lull me to my dreams in lighting fast time.

And a sweet skirted dressing table to sit & apply my 'war paint' at each morning.

Even a compact kitchen, but I hope I won't be needing it.

And a divine terrace to sit & contemplate my next move.

I'll wander down to get a good coffee.

And then take a long walk to just breathe in all the amazing sights & sounds here.......

and here......

and here.

And then off to Quadrilatero d’Oro, Via Montenapoleone, Della Spiga, Via Borgospesso and Via Sant’Andrea for some serious retail therapy.

And as I love the occasional dinner alone, it's off to St. Mark's Square for dinner & lots of people watching.

Oh, & look who's in town as well - how lucky am I! Couldn't think of a better couple of Dust Evaders as these two gorgeous boys! Well, must go George & Brad have beckoned me over to join them for a drink. My virtual trip to Venice is only brief & very superficial, but if you want to know more, our good mate Vicki A. over @ French Essence wrote a sublime post on Venice here.
Full of beauty, style & substance, you'll enjoy every word - I promise!

Image 1: Complete Seal Image 2: Artistry Masterworks Images 3-10, 13, 14: Venice Prestige Image 11: Italy Heaven Image 12: Science Blogs Image 15: Flickr Image 16: Z.About Image 17: Fresno Beehive


  1. Gorgeous. My favourite destination in the world no doubt! Wish I knew I would be back there one day it is such a dream!! Certainly a great place to get away from the dust, I say go!!!! Had a look at Vicki's post. Unbelievable. Her photos are incredible. I say we should all live in Europe 6 months of the year and home the other 6. Julie

  2. Thanks Millie - I would rather be taking off in that private jet with you than reading what either of us has to say!! One day we will clink our glasses together somewhere I feel sure. xv

  3. Mmmm, this sounds like the perfect weekend - mind if I join you Millie? Lee :)

  4. This is a torture. I just finished phone call with my brother in law -he and his family are off to Italy tomorrow morning. It's so easy if you live in Europe. 4-5 hours of drive ( no need for a private jet) ... and.. welcome Paradise.!
    Good luck surviving all dust and noise.

  5. You had me at private jet! What a sublime, little adventure-may I join you??? Have a wonderful weekend Millie-I'll be dreaming of our weekend together.

  6. Wonderful pistures bringing back memories of my holiday there, last year. I love it sooooo much & it was the Film Festival when we were there. I'm sure I was standing next to Brad and George in the Dowgers Palace !!!We're off to the Amalfi coast in a few weeks. Na na na na na !!!!!

  7. way to go !

    i love venice too.
    great images.

  8. Millie, I'd love to join you, but I've got a bit of an issue with the proximity to George. I keep telling him "No,I'm a married woman", but he's just not getting the hint. I'm afraid of sending him mixed messages. Meredith xo.

  9. Oh I am SO there, wait for me boys!!

    Really lovely images, especially love St Marks Square, wanted to hop in the screen. Oh well.....

  10. Fabulous images Millie....a girl can't say no to George and Brad can she? Any chance you could extend your trip by a day or two and stop over in London.....please?!
    Great post :)

  11. What a wonderful trip, Lady? A heavenly retreat for all of us. Love to sit on that gondolen.

    Hope I can visit Venice again for a cozy time.

    ENjoy your week-end with MOTH and wish we can swap ourlives, like what Julie said. 6 months in EU and 6 months in OZ... I won't say NO!


  12. What a Gorgeous way to spend a weekend..."In My Dreams".

  13. Fabulous weekend ahead for you Millie! What a gorgeous placed you are staying in and to be able to meet up with George and Brad!
    What can I say!

    Enjoy your time away and from all the dust.


  14. Its been a while since visiting Venice, such a romantic destination, love these reminders.

  15. Magnifico, brava!!!
    There's a wonderful nunnery you can stay a night for next to nothing, have breakfast with the sisters & then spend a few hors with them while they make the lace the sell to keep the convent going.
    Its on my list for my next visit along with the local music college's evening concerts of Vivaldi in their stone courtyards.
    I love Venice in October & May before the tourists invade.

  16. A Nunnery! Alicia...You've got to be kidding! OOps...sorry Mills, lost track of where I was for a minute...Ok back to your trip..A girl's got to dream once in a while, right? By the way, thanks for introducing me to Vicki & her lovely lavender. She is lovely too. Stop by so I can tell you about my "tiny" adventure to Greenwich Village.
    XO Lisa

  17. Hold the plane! I'm coming with you as hubby is off to rent the plate compactor for our entry pathway! He already rented the concrete sander a few weeks ago but thankfully, it was for the stairs OUTSIDE. Venice sounds like much more fun ; )


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