Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mixing It Up

This man is a builder so I can't show you his face, but suffice to say I reckon most of you can name him just by the clothes he's wearing, after all he's worn them in most, if not all of the photos ever published of him on this blog. However, the really worrying part is that I don't ever recall seeing them appear in the laundry for a wash since he started our renovations over 3 years ago!

As you can see progress is slowly being made on the Bathroom From Hell. This pic was taken about 3 weeks ago & the new concrete floor was laid, but has struggled to cure well in the freezing cold weather we've had since. This particular builder has been very slack since the floor went down, citing a sick wife & a million other clients demanding he work on their projects not his own. But he has managed to get the window frame in, but no glass as yet, & the frame for the blueboard is almost complete.

All the new pipework has been done & Russell the Plumber & his extended family are currently holidaying in luxury on the Amalfi coast on the proceeds of his 1.5 days work here! All the bathroom fittings are lying in their boxes in our entry hall, the tiles are piled high on a pallet on the front porch, the bathrooom cabinet has been designed & I had to provide the boys with templates of the basin & swish mixer as they were cutting the caesar stone for it today. Oh & the builder & I are still having to share the dodgy en-suite, which has really taken the very last vestiges of romance from the relationship!


  1. Sounds fantastic - can't wait until our renovation starts....! Three years?! Guess you're looking forward to seeing the finished product soon! Though, as I've heard many clients say, as soon as the project is finished what do I do with all new inspiration that pops up?! The best cure for this would be a blog wouldn't you say?!

  2. Millie - I spent (too long) this morning on your blog. It really is amazing. Your flair and personality shine through. I am about to show my husband the guest post by your MOTH - it is hilarious! Thanks for making my day. Louisex

  3. Sounds like your 'builder' is taking a bit of a winter holiday.
    When that happens with my 'builder'...I forget to do certains things that he just may take for granted. Silly, innocent things- funny how well that works.
    I do understand the frustration Millie.

  4. Wow, by the look of that picture, your bathroom was really stripped to the bone! I'm sure all the pain will be worth it in the end - especially with ceasarstone benchtops - fabulous!

  5. Poor Moth,does he know what you post about? I can tell he's a good catch. And I think he looks wonderful in those clothes. Luckily, I can't smell him.

  6. mille,
    well....the bath will be there eventually.
    i think you should write a sitcom.
    for sure.
    i would be a faithful viewer, never missing an episode. already have the characters.
    right ?


  7. It is so good that you have a live in builder, but you know what they say? A painters house is never painted, a plumbers houses has leaky pipes, ect...Now, I know that that is not very encouraging but there is progress happening and even though it might be at snail speed it is progress. I was wondering if you had any inspiration pics on your bathroom. Love ya, Heidi

  8. i think men are born with a gene that allows them to wear clothes until they are standing on their own without a second thought to it. my sister finally forbid my husband to wear a certain pair of shorts on our last vacation. he was a good 3 days in!

  9. looks like the MOTH to me. Is he going formal for the Master Chef finals? Justine made it to my blog out Millie she is single.

  10. Oh Millie you have More Patience than Me...3yrs is a long time to be waiting for your Dream Bathroom...

  11. Oh good Millie!
    Things are progressing, maybe not as fast as you would like.
    I am sure that it will be fabulous when all finished and well worth the wait. I know us Ladys do need to have patience ~ I need it waiting, at times for something to get done.

    Have a lovely weekend

  12. That builder of yours seems to be trying his best but the time just keeps slipping away.....Is there no way to entice him to work faster Millie?? xv

  13. Are you given said builder enough mugs of tea and bacon sandwiches ? Perhaps the promise of stockings and suspenders will get his trowel going again !!! XXXX

  14. Oh you girls are hoots! Am I to understand that a number of you are 'encouraging' me to reward a certain builder with treats not of the food & beverage variety & perhaps even withold certain 'priveleges' to get things moving faster? I'm shocked, but hey, anything's worth a try!!
    Millie ^_^


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