Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Slippery Path

Although the week started well, it's gone pear-shaped & I only have myself to blame. Thinking I'd be fine, I snuck off to work on Monday for a couple of hours to complete all the urgent End of Financial Year stuff & well, one thing led to another & I stayed too long. Add in another couple of hours of high drama trying to resolve an issue yesterday & I'm totally done in. I'm feeling very ordinary, so I'm definitely going to having the next 4 days off, so comfy slippers here I come. MOTH's furious & I got a big lecture tonight, so I guess I'll have to comply with his orders. However, I'm missing you all & I'm looking forward to stopping by & saying hello while tucked up on the sofa with the laptop. They say nurses make the worst patients & I reckon that's pretty accurate. Sorry Not Dr. McDreamy for overdoing it, I'll try & be good from now on or MOTH's threatened to dob me in to you big time.


  1. Now Miss Millie, you listen to MOTH... we want you back up and at 'um, but first you have to go to bed and REST!
    Take good care. j.

  2. Millie.. You know what they say "Please secure your own oxygen mask first prior to assisting others". Julie

  3. Hello Millie,

    You are a naughty girl! Consider yourself told off :-)

    You must rest and give your body a chance to heal - my partner did exactly the same after having a lot of teeth extracted and thought that he was okay to go to work but realised after a few hours that it was not a good idea unless he wanted to end up back in the hospital :-(

    Happy resting,

    Leeann x

  4. I had a bad feeling when I did't see a post yesterday. You are a Super Hero/Wonder Woman, Millie, but you do have a human body. So good to read your words. Love, Heidi

  5. Millie~ Just a quick- 'thinking of you' dear. I'm not blogging right now-due to a family matter- but I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest easy love.

  6. Millie, Millie, Millie, we'll all be here when you're feeling better. Your work will still be there too. Take you time to heal or you'll be sorry.

  7. millie,
    moth is right.
    take it easy, if you want to get back up and about, take it easy !!!

    xx's and a gentle hug

  8. Naughty Millie. You be good now. A-M xx

  9. Lie back in those comfy slippers and let MOTH spoil you. If the weather's anything like here bed sounds like the very best place to be today. Leigh

  10. Hi Millie,

    Sending love, hugs and get well wishes to you.
    Give yourself time to heal and please put on those slippers and sit on the sofa and put your feet up! That is an order ~ Work can wait.


  11. Millie, work and everything else can wait. You need to rest and recuperate - let MOTH and the boys wait on you. Please take good care of yourself. Lee xx

  12. I love Julie's reply! She is absolutely right of course....please, please, PLEASE do not come back, rest, rest.
    We will wait patiently....well, fairly patiently anyway ;)

  13. Millie, I know you're totally superwoman and everything, but every now and then you have to take off the magic bangles and boots and let someone else wear the cape. Wishing you sweet, sweet rest. Meredith xo.

  14. Hi there,

    Just perusing your rather inspiring and funny blog, sounds like your in need of some serious TLC!

    When your feeling better I was wondering where the pub is you have pictured in your sidebar, kinda fell in love with that image.

    Great Blog xx

  15. tsk tsk Miss Millie. And you don't need pretty slippers, you won't be walking anywhere.

    You visited me before I could get up a special post for MOTH. Please hop over again and call him to get his treat. Such a worry you are to him.

    Compose yourself to patience m'dear. All will be well.


  16. Think of it as a bloggers retreat Millie, and you don't have to feel at all guilty for spending some quality time with your laptop.

  17. After surgery a few years ago I was told not to go back to work for 4-6wks, phooof what rubbish I thought, however one day when feeling rather grand I thought I'd venture out for a bit of retail therapy, what could possibly be wrong with that? Yes well by evening I was in rather a sorry state, and began to realise Drs arn't as silly about these things as we sometimes think. You rest up!!!

  18. Lady Mill! you need a spank from MOTH if you don't listen. No matter what, all your bloggie friends are here waiting for you & want to see you happy & healthy. Your work still there too, right? But, hey! I learnt from my experience that work needs us but I can't die for my work, can you?

    So, now listen to MOTH, k? Be good girl, we only have a body. How I wish we can just drive by the warehouse, picking up body parts §:-))

    So much hugs from HOT Stockholm, my thoughts & prayers.

    Keep resting & have fab week-end!

  19. I hope you are tucked up in bed, with MOTH tending to your every need, on this wild and woolly night! Get better soon!

  20. as Emma would say to me.... "SMACK"! Miss Millie, back to bed with you. look after yourself and leave it to others to look after the work stuff. Or I'm coming up the hill and securing you with restraints woman!!! xx

  21. For Heavens SAKES, WOMAN!!!!

    Lay down and quit that! Your going to find yourself right back in the hospital ifyou dont REST!
    dont make me come over there.....

    please, take it easy
    let the Moth take care of his sweet special princess..his little cuddle bunchkins and Dolly girl..
    we love ya, take care of yourself darling.
    Coastal Nest

  22. Rest, relax and take advantage of the situation. We look forward to hearing from you in a bit, in the time between we will have you in our thoughts.

  23. Well Millie,
    I guess you have been properly and strongly put in your place by one and all. Majority rules in this circumstance. How did you ever sneak by Moth? I bet he has now nailed all the windows and doors shut, just in case. Enjoy that down time instead of fighting it.
    We love you and wish you a speedy recovery!
    Lisa & Alfie

  24. Speedy recovery Millie... but like most women we just can't sit still long enough or accept pampering for more than a day!!
    Take everyones advice and rest. Your body will let you know when its ready for work. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.
    Take care

  25. Okay ... I've finally stumbled out of that gorgeous pub of yours and actually read some more previous posts! By the way thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I love your sense of humour, but I've got to say..... MOTH's post had me laughing out loud. (you don't have to tell him, if he'll start Lording it around, thinking he's fab).

    I'm adding you to my blogroll, take care and put your feet up! xx

  26. Bravo Miss Millie.

    We too can feel your lightness today.

    Keep reaching for the feeling of relief. Keep feeling that feeling. That is where the magic is. Feet up and everything else that feels good is the ongoing plan. We'll of course be here waiting and sending you love and light.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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