Monday, July 27, 2009

Starting The Week With A Winner!

Good Morning & welcome to the results of the draw of Millie's 300th Game! give-away. The draw was conducted under totally uncontrolled circumstances here @ The Hedge last night.

Everyone who left a comment was eligible.

After an afternoon of slaving away in the Bathroom-From-Hell, MOTH went & had a shower for the occasion, donned his favourite Rugby top which just 'happened' to come from his mate Jason's Company Unicorn Brewery & poured himself a beer to prepare himself for the draw.

Hamming it for the camera as usual, he made sure he wasn't peeking as he fossicked around in the 'barrel'.

Yep, he's selected the Winner & it's............

Amanda from Small Acorns in New Zealand! Amanda is the owner and creative force behind Small Acorns - a boutique store in Wellington, New Zealand which specialises in homeware, interior design and gorgeous goodies from NZ and around the globe. If you haven't visited her blog, I can really recommend you do, you will receive a very warm welcome. Amanda please email me at & let me know the address you would like me to send your prize, the lovely book Two Dogs & A Garden. Thanks to everyone who left such beautiful comments, I wish I could send you all a copy to enjoy.


  1. Oh Millie - I'm so excited. I don't think I've won anything since a pavement drawing competition when I was about 6, and even then I think I came 2nd! I think MOTH's lucky rugby jersey must have clinched the deal. Could he wear it when the All Blacks play next weekend?
    Thanks! Amanda xx

  2. Oh Mills, Amanda is so happy...I love it....she was a worthy winner.
    I think that I can see why you married your MOTH. A sense of humour in a man is very attractive and he looks a right laugh !!!!!
    Don't tell him I told you though...he might get big headed !!!!!

  3. Congratulations Amanda...and Thank You Millie for hosting this Giveaway...I like how MOTH prepared himself for the occassion (chuckle)...Dzintra♥x

  4. So thrilled Amanda won, I'll have to sweet talk her into lending the book to me for a peak. Thanks to MOTH for joining in, he's very good at humouring the bloggers, and we love him for it.

  5. Bravo to MOTH. I like a guy who can play along.

  6. MOTH, first off, terrific job as barrel girl, so stylish ... lost for words actually. I think the beer just topped off the look really!

    Congrat's to Amanda, will definitely pay her a visit.


    ps that dress you liked was a tigi design.

  7. Delvene Delaney wouldn't get a look in against MOTH! Definitely games show potential - an new career perhaps, but Millie I guess you'd want the bathroom finished before he goes off chasing the bright lights of showbiz! Leigh

  8. YAY! Congratulations, Amanda! Good job, MOTH.
    Sister of the Mysterious, congratulations on your 300th! Here to the next 300!
    xo Isa

  9. Looks like a full scale project going on there. I'm sure the beer helps. And congrats to Amanda.

  10. Congrats to Amanda!
    And a big thanks to MOTH for taking a shower, getting a beer and pulling the number! Great job!!

  11. you are so much fun.
    i love this ! moth is a riot.

  12. Oops I mean Tibi, someone else just asked and I checked and realised I'd given you the wrong name. sorry :)

  13. Congratulations Amanda!
    Yes, we do need Moth to wear the lucky jersey when the All Blacks play next weekend.
    Great job Moth.


  14. Yay for Amanda! Love her blog and her shop, I'd love to have a 'small acorns' shop....

    And yay for MOTH and the rugby top! - Our house was just down the road from the old unicorn brewery, otherside of the bridge. If only I liked beer...... x

    Oh and enjoy your reading material this weekend?! - I have to do that too before my new job starts, but maybe next weekend for me.... this Weekend it will be the latest Real Living, Living etc and finishing "a fortunate life".... xx


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