Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where's The Black Arm Band Millie?

Yes, you guessed it, poor MOTH is in mourning following his girl Justine's shock exit from Masterchef last night. And to top it all off, it appears that a tall, bald bloke from Sydney has stolen her right from under his nose! No sooner had Justine walked out the MC double doors forever, than MOTH jumped up & headed for the phone.

'I'm going to call her now & offer to buy shares in the restaurant she wants to open up.' he said as he strode confidently towards his phone.

'Too late,' I called out from in front of the telly, 'Matt Moran has pipped you at the post.'

'Matt who? Who's he Mills?' he yelled, frantically dialling Directory Assistance.

'Oh, only the hottest chef in Sydney, & he's offered her a place in the kitchen of his restaurant Aria.'

'Aria, Faria, never heard of it, this doesn't worry me one bit.' he cockily replied.

'I think you do know about Aria, remember I told you about it after work took us there for dinner a couple of years ago. I distinctly recall raving about it when I got home from Sydney.'

'Oh yeah, you said it was one of the best meals you'd had in years.' he says slowly putting down the phone.

Shuffling back to his chair, shoulders stooped, his eyes glistening with unshed tears, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. The air of defeat & rejection that hung over him was heart-breaking.

'What am going to do now Mills, I can't go on without seeing my Jussie every night at 7 o'clock.'

So Justine, if you happen to be reading this dear, please, please, make my MOTH happy again. Send him a large, autographed photo of yourself, sealed with a kiss. I'd be forever grateful to you.

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  1. I think MOTH and my husband should start a support group to come to terms with such a loss. There was a very black mood after MC last night. "Never liked the look of that Matt Moran" was heard at one point. I'm hoping to score a meal at Aria, as he tries to catch a glimpse. Meredith xo.

  2. Millie, thought of MOTH the moment it happened...I could feel the grief descending upon the hills and the sorrow wafting behind the hedge.

    has he seen the update?,28383,25788222-10229,00.html

    will he watch the rest of the finals?

    promise him a trip to Sydney to MM's resturant AFTER the bathroom is done. A win win all around. Even for Jussie.

  3. Miss Millie, I think you are one very nice, understanding wife. And you can tell MOTH I said so!! If it were my dh I would just bop him on the head! j.

  4. I was thinking about poor MOTH last night and when Justine's name was called out, I said "Millie's husband will be so disappointed". The look that I received when I explained that he was the husband of a blogging friend, said it all!

  5. Oh Millie...I'm with MOTH...Justine was my fave to win...loved her style...her menus...her dishes...her presentation...lucky for her Matt Moran is one of my favourite Chefs and maybe we'll have to take a trip up to ARIA one of these days. Mmm...wonder who'll win now...Dzintra♥x

  6. you are quite a wife- hopefully see will send a pic!!

  7. poor MOTH, the week wont be the same for him :( I can see a trip to Sydney in your near future Millie! lol and a meal at ARIA perhaps?

  8. Oh MOTH commiserations, I know life is tough, you'll just have to ride this one out ... you know what they say about time ... ummm healing ... something like that!

  9. Oh how sad for Moth!
    It is hard when something you enjoy and love is taken from you.

    Maybe a trip up to Sydney so you can have a meal and a signed photograph, might be a good thing.

    Enjoy your Thursday and I hope Moth is feeling better.


  10. I thought she was a Winner too...but how good is it for her to be working for Matt Moran...tell Moth she is in Good Hands...

  11. She a gorgeous looking girl - wouldnt be surprised if Myer or David Jones pick her for future promotions! thats how it works doesnt it!! a good story Millie....J

  12. I really thought Poh should have gone last night.
    At least Justines cake set! LOL

  13. Hi Millie - Justine was my favourite as well. Sounds to me like Aria is going to be booked out for some time to come so everyone gets to glimpse Justine in the kitchen! Maybe a bloggers get together at Aria is the go for some time in the future. Hope MOTH recovers - no doubt she will make an appearance in the finale to keep him happy. Leanne

  14. Poor, poor MOTH. His nights will be so empty now. What will he do ? I'm sure that some other reality show will start and another beauty will take her place and she will be a thing of the past, discarded like an old pair of shoes!!!!!!
    As I'm obviously not watching it , but watching our own version , when I saw the first photo , I thought it was a picture of you and thought , God , Millie looks really good , I'm not posting any close ups of me!!!!!

  15. Am giggling at Jacqueline's post!!! I just knew it was going to be about Justine the minute I saw your post header!!!!

    Poor MOTH .....tee hee!!

  16. Isnt this masterchef so addictive. Im loving it. I thought chris would win for sure but now my money is on Julie. Go the rustic home cook. I am not at all sorry for Justine. She has the world at her feet and I suspect she may even be back on screen in one form or another.

  17. Meanwhile....while he is waiting for his picture to arrive...could i borrow your private jet? I'm headed off to Amalfi. Want to come along? It's warm there.....

  18. Lololol!!! That's hilarious! A wonderful laugh to start my day Millie! Thank you.

  19. love it Millie - your MOTH stories always crack me up. It was a bit of a shock! Glad Chris has gone, couldn't really warm to him. x

  20. boy oh boy,
    she is a cutie though isn't she ??

    poor moth.



And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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