Monday, July 13, 2009

He's Got The Power

MOTH had a 'close encounter' with a power tool this weekend. It's not the first time & it certainly won't be the last. He did give himself quite a fright & so needed to sit down for a couple of hours after & recuperate with a beer or 4 in front of the telly watching his beloved Demons thrash my mob The Powerless (oops, Port Power) boys!

He does have a chequered history with all things mechanical. The most interesting being the afternoon he decided to clear the grass from the blades of the lawnmower, but omitting one small point - the mower was still going at the time! He said (as I was driving like a maniac to get him to St. Andrew's A&E), 'Mills, that was awesome, it was like watching my whole hand actually explode!'. He wasn't so intruiged though, after 4 hours of microsurgery & weeks of hand rehab. to get his fingers functioning again.

Researchers using brain scans have discovered that when straight men looked at pictures of women in bikinis, areas of the brain that normally light up in anticipation of using tools, like spanners, hammers, sanders & chainsaws were activated. I can only assume that some of these stray thoughts were crossing MOTH's brain yesterday as he grappled with the circular saw, but when questioned he, of course, totally denied any such thing!

Image : The Guardian


  1. Oh boy. He would get along great with my husband who is missing the tip of his thumb from his saw. I'm totally surprised it made it past the calluses.

  2. Oh Dear~ Poor MOTH- and with such good intentions too! Watch him carefully. I do not trust my husband anywhere near a power tool!!!

  3. Thanks for explaining that connection to me, it explains a LOT of things! I hope MOTH recovered after his beer or two....

  4. Oh dear, being forced to drink beer in front of the telly ... tough going ... hope your fully recovered MOTH!

    ps the hand one sounds really horrendous, lucky by the sounds, this one wasn't worse!

  5. Oh poor Moth.
    I hope he is feeling better today.
    What a fright it must have given you both.


  6. Oh Dear You Poor Thing...You must Shudder when he gets Motivated to use the Power Tools....Hope he is OK Today....

  7. OMG!!! One more reason I am working my tushie off to pay someone to finish our job in the house. Jason almost cut his knee in half with a chainsaw when he thought he was about to touch a poision ivy plant. Oh no not the poison ivy! But that is another story. Hope you are both feeling OK. Love, Heidi

  8. Be careful with those! I know, I have been known to use them myself, & you never know when you will have a close call!
    I am sure the suds helped enormously!!

  9. Sincerely hope every thing is okay and maybe just maybe he has learned a lesson. I think you two need a vacation from yourselves. MB

  10. I think it was a ploy to stop working and sit down and have a couple of beers and watch his mob beat yours! :)

  11. Yeah the blokes just dont realise that their illicit thoughts do them in sooner or later, ha ha, seriously tho, hope poor MOTH is ok.

  12. it's role reversal in our house. my husband is fanatical about safety (not to say MOTH wasn't this time) and i can't remember him ever hurting himself. me, i can manage to shed blood with a dull kitchen knife 2 feet away. i am sooo not allowed near power tools. glad MOTH is ok. pam

  13. You are so funny & thank's a lot for regards on my blog!

    Agneta from Sweden

  14. As the daughter of a man who tried diligently to remove parts of his anatomy with electrical tools over the years, I understand that feeling of dread you must experience when you hear a saw or other life threatening tool start. Leigh

  15. This ... 'Mills, that was awesome, it was like watching my whole hand actually explode!' .....
    Is why I love your blog!! Where else can I get this experience!!! x Julie

  16. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    And that checkered history - many have that, ummm, right here in this very house!

  17. oh poor MOTH, that is scary indeed! Be careful MOTH....
    ahhh, the magical healing power of beer! At least that's what Dan tells me!!;)


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