Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genetic Engineering x 5

Striped door....

blue door....

pink door.....

white door....

sliding door....

glass doors....

green door....

black door....

turquoise door....

arched doors....

yellow doors....

french doors.....

No matter what the door, the experience is the same - MOTH & the 5 boys still won't shut them!! What is it about males, are they all programmed with the identical DO NOT SHUT THE DOOR gene!! Please tell me I'm not alone!

Image 1: Coastal Living Image 2: Katy Elliott Image 3: All Doing Image 4: Skeppsholmen Image 5: Israel-Kurd Image 6: Simpson Doors Image 7: kmh Image 8: Home Hints Image 9: Dream Kitchen Image 10: Jewell Joinery Image 11: Four Walls & A Roof Image 12: Achitectural Salvage Antique


  1. Oh, Millie! Mine will argue with me longer about who was the last one through than take the time to close it. You are not alone.

  2. I love your collection of doors Millie. Good luck with keeping them shut! Ax

  3. Great photos. I'm not sure what that is about. My nephews do it too.

  4. Closing doors is not the only thing that they have trouble remembering!! xv

  5. Love that light blue door...it simply begs to be closed!

  6. Thats it, I'm definately painting our front door. Looking at these gorgeous doors has given me the push to make a decision on something I've thought about for a while.

  7. What a great post! I love the green and stiped door, the bright pink door, and especially the wood sliding door...looks very equestrian! Thanks for these great pictures of doors, very creative!

  8. for my husband, the trouble is closing the garage door at night. several times i've woken up in the morning, come downstairs, and found the garage door has been open all night meaning exposing my car with keys inside and our house door completely unlocked. thank goodness we're in a safe neighborhood!

    love, love, love that turquoise door. pam

  9. What a lovely selection of doors. Not sure which one is my favourite. I am lucky, I have a husband who is a place for everything and everything in it's place kind of guy. He shuts doors. I still haven't trained him to put the loo seat down though.

  10. Ohhh... you-and Vicki have touched upon a nerve!

  11. So many wonderful doors today Millie.

    Yes, I can remember my Mother always asking us as kids, were we born in a tent?



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