Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up The Garden Path

Thanks to the gorgeous Miss Carolyn over @ Little Bear Studio for the following tag. I need to post the 6th photo in my 6th folder & tell you the accompanying story. So over to My Pictures I go, & happy days, my 6th folder is named Garden Shots. Ooooh, this is exciting I'm thinking to myself, lovely pics of our Hills garden. Not so - as luck would have it, this is the 6th pic. I could stretch the truth here & say I've no idea who this man is, but I'd be caught out badly. Yes, you guessed it, & once again, he couldn't help but get himself in my blog. There is no story to tell, except that 12 months on that path is still not finished. The other salient point about this pic is that shape inside the back pocket of his jeans is actually his wallet.

MOTH has a huge reputation amongst all his family & friends for never having his wallet on him if he can help it. Sometimes you read of couples proudly extolling the fact that they have never seen each other naked, well in my case, it's MOTH's wallet I've never seen! I always reckon his epitaph will read 'Hey Mills, ya wouldn't have 10 bucks on ya, I forgot my wallet'. So I guess, if nothing else, this pic is evidence that his wallet does exist albeit cleverly disguised as part of his bum!

If you would like to play along, please go ahead & take the tag. I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone else has posted, wish mine was as interesting!


  1. Hi Millie

    Mr Brabourne also suffers from a similar problem in the fiscal area. After many years of trying to establish his actual income, I'm led to believe that he works purely on a voluntary basis for a multinational company and does not receive a salary. His evasive action when asked this question is second to none but I haven't given up - it's my long term goal to discover one of his elusive and extremely well hidden payslips.


  2. I love seeing butts in the air. When the pecans start to fall here in Texas you can tell by seeing all the butts in the air in all of the yards. Great butt MOTH. Thanks for the mention on your last post and congratulations, I didn't realize that I have been with you since the beginning, I have also been with our friend Kim at the Brown Button. Love yall, Heidi

  3. Laughing at Leigh's comment!

    Look at MOTH ... hard at work ... fingers to the bone and all that. He even has the pic's to prove it.

  4. Hi Millie,

    thank you for your kind words, my friend and for playing along.
    With the last earthquake down South, a few weeks back, I heard today on the radio, where the tectonic plate shifted a little closer to Australia. Neighbours!

    I love your post ~ sounds familar with jobs around our house. One needs patience. The wallet story is great.


  5. When he does finally and begrudgingly extract his wallet from his back pocket , reluctantly having to pay for something because he can't get out of it , do MOTHs fly out of it !!!!! Ha Ha Ha He He Ho Ho !!!!! I'm such a comedienne...NOT. Love the picture and love your garden....can we have more pics of the garden , please.

  6. What is it about these men! Brunnel too has the reputation of never having his wallet when it's needed - short arms, deep pockets as we say!!

  7. LOL*

    MOTH but on the air is fab scene of the day! Your picking on him, huh? Poor MOTH.

    BTW, am opposite from MOTH. Am the one who always forget my wallet §:-) free from all bills.

    Have a wonderful and fab Thurs downunder, Lady Mills...

  8. overthehillbutgreatviewJuly 23, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    Had a chuckle Sir is also reluctant to open his wallet must be a man thing. He occassionally lets the moths out but always makes sure he keeps a breeding pair. xD


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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