Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OK, OK It's Not December.....

I had a quick trip to the movies sans MOTH on Friday & thoroughly enjoyed this little gem of an Aussie movie My Year Without Sex.

It's set in the burbs in Melbourne & in one of the scenes, poor Matt Day the husband & Dad in the film was looking at his woeful Christmas light display in their front garden & comparing it to the OTT job across the road at his snarky neighbours. So time for a quick reminder to start planning your extravaganza well in advance this year.

MOTH the Christmas Grump absolutely refuses to put up even one small twinkling light globe on the front of the house, but I've been thinking maybe this calls for a little conference with the boys. Knowing MOTH's loathing of all things Christmas, I'm sure the boys would embrace this concept enthusiastically. Some fast clandestine electrical work with lots of flashing lights, a neon angel or 3, strobing Star of Bethlehem & dancing disco Santa would be a great start. And as we don't have any street lights, which makes our country lane as black & dark as an underground coal mine, the effect would be truly awesome. I reckon the look on MOTH's face as he drove into our street the night we flicked the switch on this display would be worth every bit of work!!! Oh, and any Comments mentioning the word tacky or the very strange image credit sites listed at the end of this post will be Deleted immediately!


Image 1: ABC Image 2: Hot Spot Vibe Image 3: Light Up Image 4: Frugal RV Travel Image 5: Parenting Help Me Image 6: Baltimore Sun Image 7: BBC Image 8: Virgin Media


  1. whoa.. too much holiday spirit.

  2. OverthehillbutgreatviewJuly 29, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    Am just getting over my hot chocolate weekend and now will have to go into recovery with all those Christmas lights. xD

  3. Reality check! That festive season is only 5 months away. I was just in the nearby Hobby Lobby and they are already putting out the holiday decorations. Yikes!

  4. I love it! If you decorated your home to the hilt on a dark country road it would be like coming upon Las Vegas in the middle of the dark desert...

  5. I love doing christmas through the house, the whole xmas styling thing is a huge thrill, but Millie, ummmm, I ahh, actually do have a wee bit of trouble with the exterior glitter idea. We don't have to tell MOTH tho.

  6. HELP! Tacky does not begin to describe your pictorial treat.

  7. i'll even contribute my neighbor's 15 foot tall inflatable snowman!

  8. From what I can gather, you would only have to hint to the boys and you'd have a "Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation" house of your very own :) MOTH would be overjoyed .....

  9. Very OTT. I can't imagine what it would be like living next door to a place like that! I think I prefer simple. Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I do like to decorate, just not to that degree! lol

  10. Hi Millie. They are a bit OTT. We have a few suburbs near here that go way beyond common sense when it comes to xmas lights. By the way, isn't it a shock to think Matt Day is old enough to play the role of a father? Wasn't he just a wee lad on A Country Practice? [i feel old now]

  11. Hi Millie,

    Love some of your little Aussie gems of movies. The Castle and Kenny. The humor is gentle and so funny.

    Christmas lights, a few are nice.
    My Parents live in Tauranga and we normally do the drive around and oww and awee over the lights and there is a road in Auckland - Franklin Rd that the whole street make it a Party.
    Wonder if you and the boys will give Moth some Christmas lights?

  12. The things is at night it really can look lovely & if you're lucky enough to have snow for the holiday that only makes it better. I lived near a holiday hoopla house back in Mihcigan & it really was a tradition to go every year just for a quiet nighttime visit.
    So sad that MOTH can't go for it.
    If I was closer I'd come over & help you surprise the life out of him!! :)


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